• Project Skiin Lab London
  • Category Branding, Commercial, Outdoor Signs
  • Client Skiin Lab London
  • Time 2 weeks
  • Status Completed


Skiin Lab London Shop Signs and Refitting by Sign Group.

At Skiin Lab London, you’ll find a captivating brand experience and an impeccable location that caters to your skincare needs. As you approach their store, you can’t miss the stunning shop sign that effortlessly embodies the essence of their brand. Made by Sign Group, the sign features brushed silver raised letters that gleam with sophistication against a glossy black background.

Brushed silver for the letters exudes elegance and attention to detail. The subtly raised nature of the letters adds a tactile dimension to the sign, inviting customers to interact with the brand visually and physically. Its reflective surface creates a mesmerizing play of light, catching the eye of passersby and drawing them into the store.
The sign exudes a sense of modernity and boldness. The glossy finish of the backdrop provides a sleek canvas that accentuates the silver letters, making them pop and reinforcing Skiin Lab’s commitment to a contemporary aesthetic.
This carefully designed sign is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and style.

Skiin Lab London essence

Showcasing their skincare expertise and passion. It acts as a powerful visual cue, instantly conveying professionalism and a sense of luxury to potential customers.

Its captivating design entices customers to explore the store’s offerings and experience the exceptional products and services that lie within.

Skiin Lab London Sign

Expertly created by Sign Group, showcases brushed silver raised letters against a gloss black background. This combination of materials and colours personifies the brand’s commitment to elegance, quality, and modernity. Located in a prime location, the sign captures attention, entices customers, and sets the stage for an extraordinary skincare journey at Skiin Lab.

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  • Outside Main Sign
  • 3D Raised Letters Gold Acrylic Sign
  • Branding


Sign Group Skiin Lab London Raised Acrylic Letters with Aluminium Sign
Sign Group Skiin Lab London Raised Acrylic Letters with Aluminium Sign
Sign Group Skiin Lab London Raised Acrylic Letters with Aluminium Sign