• Project Sixty8 Hair Atelier at 3 Formosa Street, Little Venice, London W9 1EE
  • Category Branding, Commercial, Outdoor Signs
  • Client Sixty8 Hair Atelier
  • Time 2 weeks
  • Status Completed


At Sixty8 Hair Atelier, they pride themselves on being more than just a hair salon; they are a brand that embodies luxury, style, and impeccable service. Located in the heart of London, the salon offers an unforgettable experience that combines artistry and indulgence.

As you step into an elegant space, one of the first things that will catch your eye is our fantastic shop sign. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Sign Group, it features exquisite gold-raised letters that effortlessly command attention and exude sophistication. This captivating element serves as a visual representation of the quality and excellence that awaits inside the salon.

The Sign Group, known for its craftsmanship and creativity, has truly outdone itself with their shop sign. The combination of the gold letters and the raised design adds a touch of luxury and grandeur to the exterior, setting them apart from other establishments in the area. Passersby can’t help but be drawn to the gleaming elegance of the sign, creating a sense of intrigue and allure.

Not only does the shop sign showcase its commitment to aesthetics, but it also reflects the brand identity. It embodies its vision of providing Sixty8 Hair Atelier clients with a luxurious and memorable experience. The gold letters symbolize exceptional service and attention to detail. At the same time, the raised design adds a tactile element, inviting individuals to interact with the brand from the moment they set foot near the entrance.

At Sixty8 Hair Atelier London, the shop sign is more than just a piece of signage; it’s a statement. It communicates their dedication to providing an elevated hairdressing experience in every aspect. From the moment you see the glistening gold letters, you’ll know that stepping into their salon will be an experience like no other.
Come and visit them at Sixty8 Hair Atelier in London, and let our captivating shop sign be your invitation to indulge in luxury, style, and the artistry of exceptional hair care.

If you are a business owner in need of a remarkable shop sign and a transformative refitting experience, Sign Group is the partner you can trust. Our expertise in design, craftsmanship, and understanding of brand identity will elevate your establishment, attracting customers and creating an unforgettable experience. Do like Sixty8 and contact Sign Group today and let us bring your vision to life.


  • Outside Main Sign
  • 3D Raised Letters Gold Acrylic Sign
  • Branding


Sign Group Raised Acrylic with Foamex Sixty8 3D Gold Letters Sign London
Sign Group Raised Acrylic with Foamex Sixty8 3D Gold Letters Sign London
Sign Group Raised Acrylic with Foamex Sixty8 3D Gold Letters Sign London